Thursday, October 29, 2009

"A Sobering Reminder"

The true cost of war is not measured in money spent, but the loss of a soldier’s life. President Obama saw firsthand the cost of the war.

In the early hours of the morning, President Obama traveled to Dover Air Force Base to witness the arrival and transfer of 18 American killed in Afghanistan earlier this week.

"Obviously it was a sobering reminder of the extraordinary sacrifices that our young men and women in uniform are engaging in every single day. Not only our troops, but their families as well," he said.

"Michelle and I are constantly mindful of those sacrifices. And obviously, the burden that both our troops and their families bear in any wartime situation is gonna bear on how I see these conflicts," he continued. "And it is something that I think abut each and every day."

President Obama’s decision whether or not to send more troops to Afghanistan weighs heavy on his heart, it a decision that shouldn’t be rushed.

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Anonymous said...

Blacks, especially, have NO business fighting in these white maen's wars. The military-industrial complex owns Obama, like every president.