Wednesday, February 27, 2008

John Lewis Switch Support to Obama

Rep. John Lewis, a Democratic congressman from Atlanta, officially announced today his support for Sen. Barack Obama. In a written statement, Lewis said Obama's campaign "represents the beginning of a new movement in American political history" and that he wants "to be on the side of the people."

"After taking some time for serious reflection on this issue, I have decided that when I cast my vote as a superdelegate at the Democratic convention, it is my express the will of the people," the statement said.

This is a major blow to the Clinton campaign. Lewis had been a staunch supporter of Sen. Hillary Clinton. Since endorsing her in October, Lewis has appeared on her behalf on television and at events across the country declaring his support. Sen. Clinton frequently cited his support as a way to gain minority votes, often saying her campaign is a continuation of his work.

But Lewis came under pressure after his constituents supported Obama by a 3-to-1 ratio in Georgia's February 5th primary, and about 90 percent of Black voters statewide voted for Obama.

Lewis and the other Black Caucus members should have remained neutral. When Obama announced his bid for the Democratic nominee for President, no one gave him a chance, especially some member of the Black Caucus. Let's see who else will switch.

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